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Official Multimedia is a professional video company with over 10 years in the field. As a company, we plan every project with the same goal: to make our client’s message unforgettable.

Official Multimedia is composed of associate cinematographers/directors carefully selected and trained by Owner, Martin Wood, to provide the best quality work. We specialize in crafting videos that connect with your audience in engaging ways. Having a Masters of Arts in Multimedia, Martin specializes in producing immersive 4k visuals.

Official Multimedia is all-encompassing in what we offer for video production. Typically, you work with a creative agency for your project and a film production company to actually put together the video. We do both—and we handle them showing expertise.

We do this through many formats including branding videos, instructional videos, product placements, live event filming, and more.

Over the years, we’ve worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, broadcast television networks, startups and broadcast producers.
Featured on CNN Money, Official Multimedia showed professionalism on set in front of an average audience of 1.2 million viewers. Our work with Dr. Sara Gottfried focused on health was also showed on The Today Show which garnered 4.1 million average viewers upon airing.

Official Multimedia stands as San Francisco’s premier video production company for crafting high quality, unique and entertaining videos for online use, broadcasting and for online teaching.

Our San Francisco based production company prides itself on innovation in all aspects of video production. From conceptual formation to the published cut, we proudly offer a full range of services that take care of everything needed to make striking videos that engage, teach, and entertain their viewers.

At Official Multimedia, we really enjoy the collaboration process with our clients. For every project there are many different directions to choose from, so listening to our clients’ needs and generating ideas to plan the right solution for them is a fun task that’s unique to every client.

Regardless of time constraints or budget restrictions, we guarantee to work with you to deliver a great video every time. We provide the very best service in video production and media services in the Bay Area, which is why our clients return to us time and time again.

We take pride in quality and use the best in cutting edge film production equipment to ensure our clients receive the highest quality videos in the industry.

Whether you are creating training classes or working with influencers for brand development, we have the experience to engage your targeted audience with cutting-edge visuals. Using the latest technologies including 4k quality, HDR, drone video, and stabilized gimbals, we have all the tools to create dynamic visuals.

Official Multimedia creates a wide range of videos for entrepreneurs, small business owners, educators, brand names, Fortune 500 companies and individuals who are all searching for the same thing: how reach a wider audience through the san francisco wedding videographer power of video. Whatever your production needs and budget, Official Multimedia has a solution for you.

We tailor visually striking and captivating digital assets for world famous companies. Clients book us with a wide range of projects.

When projects present unplanned challenges, clients rely on our calm efficiency to deliver an exceptional outcome. We attain this with audacious ideas, uncompromising creativity, technical excellence – it’s what we take passion in and we have a time-tested method.

At Official Multimedia, it’s not just about achieving great results. We also want you to have a great experience along the way.

Every project is a new challenge. Whether you need simple internal executive messages or TV commercials, we have the experience to deliver. Through video, photography, and live events, we create content that has a lasting impact.

Our clients include established companies, educational institutions, brands, and agencies, who need a reliable and creative production company.

Every project has a story. We help you craft the story that will differentiate you from the competition while creating a connection between you and your audience. Whether it is to shed light on your product, to teach the world, or to gain awareness with a disruptive and innovative technology, Official Multimedia can formulate an approach to garner attention to your unique goal.

Professional video production is fine tuned over years of experience and results driven in a collaborative effort that provides a tailored approach to you project.

Helping your company get results is our goal.

Official Multimedia is a team of San Francisco Bay Area based wedding videographers that uniquely and beautifully create wedding films. At Official Multimedia, we specialize in providing an exceptional wedding videography experience across Northern California, but destination weddings are always welcomed! As a team of imaginative filmmakers, we have the goal to capture and retell your wedding day.

Our wedding videos focus on capturing all of your special day, from the moment you’re preparing your hair and make-up, to the moment you’re leaving your wedding reception. Our goal is that our videography ensures you remember every significant detail.

Your wedding is one the most important days of your life and we realize. Our videographers specialize in capturing all the beautiful candid moments throughout your special day. Official Multimedia should always be your destination for wedding videography in the Bay Area. As a team of creative wedding videographers, we know that each person is different, our wedding films focus on your needs and your wants.

We patiently plan and craft each wedding video with care to ensure that the result perfectly reflects your story as a couple. Our team understands that not everyone has the wedding budget of a Hollywood actor and are proud to be a specialist of captivating wedding videography of all budgets.

Our goal at every wedding is to capture the best possible footage, while remaining unobtrusive, casual and fun to work with. The team at Official Multimedia is made up of highly creative, visual architects who take pride in capturing organic emotions for you wedding films using film. Keeping a quality and professional standard, we guarantee that our wedding videos capture your wedding without skipping a single detail.

Stemming from a passion for music, storytelling, and attention to every visual detail, our wedding videography and filmmaking focuses on capturing couples in love and telling their stories for years to come. Our goal is to put intentional focus on the

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